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Wadduwage, D.N., Singh, V.R., Choi, H., Yaqoob, Z., Heemskerk, H., Matsudaira, P. and So, P.T., 2017. Near-common-path interferometer for imaging Fourier-transform spectroscopy in wide-field microscopy. Optica, 4(5), pp.546-556.

10_Cytometry Part A.png

Choi, H., Wadduwage, D.N., Tu, T.Y., Matsudaira, P. and So, P.T.*, 2015. Three-dimensional image cytometer based on widefield structured light microscopy and high-speed remote depth scanning. Cytometry Part A, 87(1), pp.49-60. (Best Paper Award, Cytometry Part A)

11_Biomedical Optic Express.jpg

Choi, H., Wadduwage, D.N., Matsudaira, P.T. and So, P.T.*, 2014. Depth resolved hyperspectral imag- ing spectrometer based on structured light illumination and Fourier transform interferometry. Biomedical optics express, 5(10), pp.3494-3507.

12_Plos Genetics.jpg

Sukup-Jackson, M.R., Kiraly, O., Kay, J.E., Na, L., Rowland, E.A., Winther, K.E., Chow, D.N., Kimoto, T., Matsuguchi, T., Jonnalagadda, V.S., Maklakova, V.I., Singh V.R., Wadduwage D.N., Rajapakse J., So P.T., Collier L.S., & Engelward* B.P., 2014. Rosa26-GFP direct repeat (RaDR-GFP) mice reveal tissue- and age-dependence of homologous recombination in mammals in vivo. PLoS genetics, 10(6), p.e1004299.

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